You can’t close a deal until you understand what truly drive your customers decisions.
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It all started in 2015, in New York. I was part of another frustrating enterprise sales strategy session, as deals in the funnel didn’t move as fast as they truly should have.

It was an enterprise tech company, and we have decided to dive deeper into 25 accounts, to run a mini research about each of the prospects, focusing on their motives and decision making processes, for the sole objective – a faster sale-cycle.

The result was nothing but fantastic – only two weeks of research lead to 65% close rate, and… a sale-cycle 5 weeks faster than average. 

That was when the idea for prepperz was born.

A team of passionate qualitative researchers, developing and implementing research methodologies, focused on accelerating enterprise decision making processes. This is prepperz. 

We are not a platform or a data hub with tons of generic data. We are a H.I. service (H.I. = Human Intelligence), working for your sales team, giving them tailored on-demand timely intelligence, which helps them sell smarter and faster. 

We love partnering with our clients over time, freeing up sales and marketing teams to focus on closing the deal, not doing inefficient internet research work. This all adds up to more deals, more wins, and more revenue.

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